Fallout Anthology PC (Fallout,2,3,Fallout New Vegas and Fallout Tactics)


  • Mini-nuke storage
  • Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition for PC
  • Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Editionย for PC
  • Fallout Tactics for PC
  • Fallout 2 for PC
  • Fallout for PC


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Experience the definitive PC collection from the award-winning Fallout series. Fallout Anthology includes all five critically-acclaimed games and official add-ons in a premium collectible set such as – Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition, Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 2 and Fallout.

About Fallout Anthology for PC

Packaged in a private mini-nuke storage instance, complete with perceptible bomb sound and a space reserved to add your backup of Fallout 4, then this will be the ultimate collectible for Fallout fans.

  • Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition: Establish over 200 years following nuclear war, produce any character you need and learn more about the open wastes of Washington, D.C. however you choose.
  • Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition: Battle your way round the heat-blasted Mojave Wasteland into the neon drenched Vegas Strip. Along how you’ll be introduced into a vibrant cast of characters, factions, mutated creatures and a whole lot more.
  • Fallout Tactics: In these dark times, the Brotherhood of Steel is all that stands between the rekindled flame of culture and the radiated Wasteland.
  • Fallout 2: As you hunt for your Garden of Eden Creation Kit to save your primitive village, your route is strewn with crippling radiation, megalomaniac mutants, and a constant stream of lies, deceit and treachery.
  • Fallout: After 80 years of idyllic Vault lifetime, Vault 13’s crucial water chip has malfunctioned. You’re selected by the Overseer to venture out to the Wasteland and save your fellow Vault Dwellers.

Amazon Fallout Anthology review

  • As a fallout fanboy that has been playing fallout from the days of the original fallout, I can’t believe that this was a choice for me to buy. This Fallout Anthology come with all the five games in brand new unopened condition along with the Mini Nuke looks really accurate. I could place this on the shelf next to my military awards along with weapons and individuals would probably believe that it’s a war trophy out of my time overseas. The only problem I have with this is that the “audible bomb sound” does not function. That is no problem for me because I’ve the games from my youth and the fairly awesome miniature nuke. I would easily buy this again. I only wish I could have pre ordered the Fallout 4 Pip Boy variant to put that alongside the to the side.
  • Fallout Anthology, how can you fail. Great price for a background in gambling. I remember when I was younger sitting on my fathers computer, logged in to AOL, and planning my night to download the Demo to get Fallout 1. The next day the enjoyment began. Ever since then, I have gotten every fallout game, loved them all. But over time, the games stopped working on the newer technology. So when I saw this come out, I jumped on it, just so that I could have the entire collection again and in an wonderful holder. I really like this item! Most people now know exactly what Fallout is, especially Fallout 3, but the delight to perform it, do almost anything you need and make your own narrative is wonderful. Yes sometimes you can get lost for hours, overlook the main objective and get caught up in side quests or simply finding random items from the crazy, but that’s the pleasure of it. You really can never really complete this game 100 percent without some severe time logged and I suggest 100’s maybe even 1000’s of hours. And how you play, things you see, can all change the next time you play through, so it appears ever changing.”



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