Galaxy Note 8 Battery Charger Case – ZeroLemon Note Battery Case


  • Extend 120% Galaxy Note 8 Battery Power
  • Sync phone to Computer
  • Ultra Slim Protection
  • Intelligent Power Indicator
  • Zero Defect Guarantee


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About Galaxy Note 8 Battery Charger Case

This excess battery lifetime comes at the cost of producing the Note 8 somewhat lighter and taller but ZeroLemon’s case has also been made to allow files to be transferred between the phone and a computer without needing to remove the instance, and the firm notes it provides protection and scratch resistance to the Note 8.

The Galaxy Note 8 Battery Charger Case may provide rapid charging, but the ZeroLemon battery package looks like the accessory you will want when you have a Note 8 and intend to be away from a power socket for some time. The case comes with four coloured LEDs to indicate just how much charge it has left in it.The company just unveiled its 5500 mAh offering for its Samsung Galaxy Note8, in addition to the promise of about 48 hours of talk time, 16 hours of movie watching or 74 hours of music streaming time additional on the phone.

Galaxy Note 8 Battery Charger Case Characteristics:

  • Extend 120% + Power to Galaxy Note 8 – The most potent 5500mAh Li-polymer extended battery can efficiently supply 100%+ additional battery life to Galaxy Note 8, which is equal to add 48 + hours talk time, 16+ hour’s film time or 74+ hour music time.
  • Sync phone to Computer – File transfer technologies supported. It’s possible to transfer data and file from the Note 8 into a computer without having to take the battery off case.
  • Ultra Slim Protection – ZeroLemon Slim Power protects your Note 8 from scratches and other daily wear and tear, yet small and convenient to fit easily in your pocket or hand.
  • Intelligent Power Indicator — 4 LED colors indicate you the battery degrees and charging status. Integrated button permits you to choose when to charge for if you need it most. Know before you go.
  • Zero Defect Guarantee — 365 days ZeroLemon Guarantee Warranty with Amazon 30 days Total Refund Warranty; Lifetime Customer Service from ZeroLemon. 100 percent Zero Defect Guarantee. .

ZeroLemon’s 5500mAh Lithium-ion battery adds a large dose of battery life to the Note 8, extending its battery life with a claimed 120 percent, which adds up to over 48 hours of talk time, 16 hours plus of move watching on the telephone, and 74 hours and more of audio listening time.

What’s so great about Galaxy Note 8 Battery Charger Case?

Extend You Note 8 Battery Life
Provides additional 100%+ fee for your Note 8, which is equivalent to add 24 + hours conversation time, 16+ hour movie time or 74+ hour music period.
Ultra Slim Protection
Lean enough to grip and carry while shielding full-edge protection to your Note 8.
Easy Installation
Simply simply slip the phone to the battery case for installation. To take the circumstance, just divide the phone from the camera hole and pull the battery case.
Package Contents:
1 x ZeroLemon 5500mAh Slim Juicer Battery Case for Notice 8
1 x ZeroLemon Zero Defect Card



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