Handmade 3D Wooden Cube Puzzle for Adults


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  • Handmade & completely organic
  • Dimensions: 2. 75″ x 2. 75″ x 2. 75″.


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A Best-selling wooden 3d brain teaser puzzles for adults. Cube works on a traditional mechanical puzzle idea.

SiamMandalay believes in combining the mastery of artisanal craft with clean, sophisticated, styling. We hold a steadfast belief in exceptional craftsmanship – not cutting corners, and refusing to compromise on superior materials; classic designs or tailored handiwork. Our puzzles are crafted with premium quality monkeypod wood, with textured colors and luxury feel — perfect as a coffee table statement bit or home dรฉcor accessory.

To maintain our integrity we maintain our production neighborhood, our workshop is continually buzzing with the murmur of masters in their craft. The timber is graded at our neighborhood workshop, together with the premium, hardwearing grades used for our collection. Other ranges are cut for decorations, pencils and other decoration.

The workshop has its own team of highly skilled craftsmen. SiamMandalay designs take a trademark style, feel and texture produced via the honesty of human hands.In the face of uncontrolled mass produced goods, where quantity has replaced quality, we hold steadfast to the concept of superior production, fair trade and speedy diversification. Everything we offer has been envisioned and crafted by a small group of gifted artisans. We’re motivated by our people, and every one’s commitment to get results the ideal way; ethically and economically.



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