iPhone 6s Battery Case – ZeroLemon Slim Portable Battery Case for 6&6s


  • Extra 100% + charge to your iPhone 6/6s!
  • Direct iPhone PC sync
  • Slim to keep your iPhone 6/6s stylish.
  • 4 LED Lights signifies battery levels and charging status
  • 365 times ZeroLemon Guarantee Warranty


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About iPhone 6s Battery Case

  • Provides extra 100% + charge to your iPhone 6/6s. The powerful 3100mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery may efficiently provide 100%+ additional battery life to a iPhone 6/6s, which is equivalent to include 14 + hours talk time or 7 + hours film time.
  • Direct iPhone pc sync via file transfer technology supported. It is possible to sync your iPhone to a computer without having to take the battery off case. Simultaneously charge your iPhone and battery life situation together using an included micro-USB cable.
  • Slim to keep your iPhone 6/6s stylish. The ZeroLemon Slim Juicer protects your iPhone 6/6srom scrapes and other daily wear and rip, yet small and suitable enough to fit easily in your hand or on your pocket.
  • 4 LED Lights signifies battery levels and charging status. Integrated button allows you to choose when to charge for if you need it most. Know before you proceed.
  • 365 times ZeroLemon Guarantee Warranty; Longest warranty period in market; 24 hours / 6 days per week support; 100% Zero Defect Guarantee.

iPhone 6s Battery Case Specification

Protection and 100%+Battery Life

ZeroLemon 3100mAh Slim Juicer Battery Case increases the life of your iPhone 6/6s Battery by 100%. This is achieved while maintaining a slim profile situation with minimal added bulk. ZeroLemon in home engineered Slim Juice Battery Case is designed with the professional in mind. The extended battery life is created with minimal bulk and maintains the sleek curves and feel of the iPhone.

Battery type: Li-polymer
Ability: 3.8V/3100mAh
Input: 5V / 1A (Max)
Output: 5V/1A(Max)
Case Dimension: 6×2.8×0.61 at
Weight: 2.9 Ounce

What You Get
1 x iPhone 6/6s Battery Case
1 x micro-USB Charging Cable
1 x Audio Jack Cable
1x Frame

iPhone 6s Battery Case Amazon review

“Honestly, withouth this iPhone 6/6s Battery Case, my iPhone 6s 32 Gb would be useless. I’d tried all of the standard tips to save battery power to no avail. Because this is a business phone, getting a newer phone isn’t an option. Anyhow, together with the instance and phone fully charged, I can go at least two times with regular use. The secret is to remember to close off the situation charger when your phone is billed. Otherwise, you’ll drain the situation battery needlessly. Overall, a fantastic product!”



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