Lokai Classic Bracelet with Everest Water and Dead Sea Mud


  • Weight:0.3 ounces
  • Size: Small, 6 inches
  • Resizable : No
  • Gift-wrap available
  • Available in lots of colours


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The White Bead — Stay Humble — Carrying water out of Mount Everest, the maximum point on Earth, that the crochet bead reflects life’s greatest minutes. It is those times when you are feeling at the top of the planet, that it is most important to remain humble.

The Dark Bead — Stay Hopeful –peeking directly contrary to its white counterpart, even the dark bead retains mud in the Dead Sea, the lowest point in the world, representing that the hard moments you encounter during life. Even throughout life’s best moments, remain optimistic.

10 PERCENT of internet profits will be devoted to contributing back to this community through many different charitable alliances. Lokai is the sole approved “offered by” vendor of a genuine Lokai bracelet.Popular all around world.

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