Periodic Table Poster (63×45″)


  • Size: 63″ x 45″ (~5 feet by 4 feet)
  • Weight: 12.0 Oz
  • Brand: Ptable
  • 2017 Component names (nihonium, moscovium, tennessine, oganesson)
  • Atomic number, symbol, Title, weight legible at 25 feet away
  • Printed on both the Polished and matte sides of thick, Thick 8-point Newspaper
  • 27 Further properties for each element Observable at arm’s length



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This extra big, double-sided poster measures 63″ x 45″ (~5 ft by 4 Ft) and its crucial info is emptied out of 25 feet apart. The plan is printed using UV-resistant soy ink to either the shiny and matte sides of posterboard-like 8 purpose newspaper and subsequently awarded an outermost coat, therefore it is a richly-colored artwork bit on one side along with ultra-low glare, higher prominence teacher on the opposite.

In a distance, colours Seem uniform just like a standard ptable poster. Get closer and you will find 27 properties embedded into every component’s square like electrons states, electron configuration, and electronegativity. Please print out a real size harvest (don’t scale) before purchasing to Guarantee text dimensions match your requirements:

Ships in a solid 4-inch diameter cardboard tubing also contains four fold™ Poster Strips.


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