The Purple Bed – King Size Mattress


  • Soft where you Need it, firm where you Want it
  • Sleeps temperature just perfect
  • No pressure on your Own Body
  • Purple is green – all manufacturing product recycled (no waste)
  • Non toxic Compounds
  • All recyclable packaging
  • 10-year Purple promise warranty
  • King Dimension : 75.5″ x 79.5″ x 9.5″


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One perfect mattress, no longer morning blues. Purple provides the best of both firm and soft with our pressure-erasing Smart Comfort Grid. Wake up on the right side the World’s First No Stress mattress. Soft where you desire it, business where you need it – so that you don’t have to choose between soft, hard or shiver ordinary.

Following over twenty years of development and research, Purple is pleased to bring you the very first advancement in sleep technology that this century. The Purple bed uses a smart-comfort grid (made from hyper-elastic polymer) that is soft where you need it along with a supportive firm where you want it, no matter your physique or what position you sleep in, it cradles your hips and shoulders so that you don’t sleep with embarrassing hot-spots and gives full support for your spine so that you don’t wake up sore and achy in the morning. The Purple mattress frees temperature neutral, which means you won’t wake up in a sexy, stinky pool of your own sweat. The two specially crafted layers of support foam underneath are made from the maximum quality, certipur-US certified polyurethane foam and Purple helps shield the foam in the mattress, saving it from oxidation, breakdown from heat and moisture and premature sinkage, which means that your mattress is an investment that will last you for many years to come.

  • Both layers of service foam are CertiPUR-US certified
  • Soft, stylish, knit all-white cover looks fantastic in any room
  • Shipped straight from Purple to you in rugged packaging with convenient handles to carry into Your House

Purple go green! At Purple we care about the surroundings and supply a non-toxic, food grade, refreshing and hypoallergenic sleeping experience. Our merchandise is proudly developed and manufactured in the united states. No strain on your wallet, your time, your own body. And certainly no pressure in the ignorant salesman pressuring you to spend thousands of dollars on a mattress you have laid on for less than 5 minutes. Quit compromising between comfort and support, get the best of both worlds with the Purple bed. No pressure – it’s Purple.

The Purple Bed is tender where you need it and firm where you want it. It cradles your hips and shoulders so that you do not sleep with embarrassing pressure-points, and provides you full support for your back so that you don’t wake up sore and achy in the morning. Stop compromising between comfort and encourage–get the best of both worlds using all the Purple Bed





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